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ARTELLA provides a diverse range of solutions and services for both patients and healthcare providers – whether through our innovative, highly effective devices or our industry-leading data platform.


The ARTELLA Platform provides real time data monitoring for physicians and healthcare providers

Through mobile cardiac telemetry and cloud-based data analysis software, the Artella Platform can be easily integrated into existing digital frameworks.

24-hour detailed
cardiac monitoring

24-hour support from
certified EKG technicians

Patient reports generated
within 24-48 hours

All reports have two (2) signatures for QA oversight: Technician & Auditor

Cardiac Monitors

ARTELLA’s remote cardiac monitors allow patients to receive top-tier cardiac monitoring in the comfort of their homes, while still giving physicians and providers high quality, real-time cardiac ECG data

Lightweight, comfortable, and accurate, The Patch delivers detailed electrocardiogram (ECG) data in real-time and is easily integrated into remote patient monitoring applications.

ARTELLA 1-Lead Reusable Patch

ARTELLA 2-Lead Disposable Patch

*Holter, Extended Holter, Event, MCT

Focused on Quality

Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility

Why Us?

Our devices pave a pathway to assist in the detection of cardiac arrhythmias including post-ablation care, post TAVR and prevention of ischemic stroke or TIA.1,2

Smallest most powerful 4-in-1

hardware, coupled with full-access data package

Offering enhanced data transmission

with live, full disclosure
data view

Elite Customer Service

that assists patients throughout their experience

24/7 data visibility

through device analytics throughout the patient’s monitor session


“Representatives were very helpful and courteous”

- Gilbert, Arizona

“Appreciate the ease of reaching the patient service team who were helpful”

- Babylon, New York

“The people I interacted with were so concerned and helpful. I can’t praise them enough”

- Houston Texas

“I appreciate the ease of reaching the patient service person who was very helpful”

- Oakdale, NY

“Your personnel were very helpful and understanding when I called for help”

- Arlington, Texas

“I had a few questions on the device and the support team was great”

- Houston, TX

“The customer service was outstanding”

- Arlington, Texas

“Excellent staff and support group”

- Boca Raton, FL

Step into the future of Cardiac Care with our 14-Day Real-Time Patch and Cor-AI Platform

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