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Artella is dedicated to working with a wide variety of health care providers to ensure that our services are available to the people who need them.

Our Solutions

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Transforming remote monitoring with ARTELLA’s cutting-edge MoS platform, which fills unmet business needs for companies in the remote monitoring market and exceeds the expectations of the end-user.

The MoS platform offers services physician associations and IDTFs are seeking:

Biosensor agnostic with single
and multi-lead capabilities

Elite Customer Service platform for increased patient compliance

Integrated billing solutions for reimbursement in the complex telemetry market

Billing and Reimbursement

Artella’s partnership with athenahealth provides quality billing for each of our service models. Payment is made easy with online credit card access and an easy-to-use payment link.

As insurance carrier requirements/policies frequently change, we recommend that you check with your contracted carriers for specifics. Our certified medical billing team is available for general guidance.

Payment Options

ARTELLA offers three payment
options for providers


Artella is a certified IDTF and has the ability to directly bill patients’ insurance (Medicare or Commercial payor) for patient services.


Providers access Artella's technology with a license for equipment and software.

Report Fee

Providers purchase the product, customer service and report services.

Step into the future of Cardiac Care with our 14-Day Real-Time Patch and Cor-AI Platform

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